The Flames (UK) - Versatile

€ 8,95

The Flames - Versatile

Label : Lone Rider LRR 002, 2010

Barcode : 5070000029603


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01The Flames [UK]Saturday Night At The Duck Pond 02The Flames [UK]Walk, Don’t Run 03The Flames [UK]Golden Earrings 04The Flames [UK]Wipe Out 05The Flames [UK]Telstar 06The Flames [UK]Apache 07The Flames [UK]Sleepwalk 08The Flames [UK]Riders In The Sky 09The Flames [UK]Kon Tiki 10The Flames [UK]It's Too Late Now 11The Flames [UK]Stay 12The Flames [UK]The Girl Can't Help It 13The Flames [UK]Running Around 14The Flames [UK]Brand New Cadillac 15The Flames [UK]Let's Go Boppin' Tonight 16The Flames [UK]Runaway 17The Flames [UK]I'll Never Get Over You 18The Flames [UK]Feelin' 19The Flames [UK]Big Blon' Baby 20The Flames [UK]Poor Boy Blues 21The Flames [UK]Tulane 22The Flames [UK]Shakin' All Over (Live) 23The Flames [UK]Boogie Woogie Country Girl 24The Flames [UK]Ramrod (Live) 25The Flames [UK]Pointed Toe Shoes (Live) 26The Flames [UK]Matchbox (Live) 27The Flames [UK]Rockin' Daddy 28The Flames [UK]Watchdog (Live) 29The Flames [UK]Tear It Up (Live)