Ruthie And The Wranglers - Life's Savings

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Ruthie And The Wranglers - Life's Savings

Label : Lasso 08102, 1998

Barcode : 791022081022


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Life's Savings an album by Ruthie and the Wranglers, is home to hiccuping rockabilly, heartaching honky-tonk and trail-weary cowgirl prayers. In short, it's the sort of place where fans of seminal rock and country music will want to hang their hat for a while.


Tracks: 01 What Mama Don't Know 02 He's A Honky Tonk Man 03A Dime At A Time 04 Thinkin' And Drinkin' 05 Don't Bug Me Baby 06 The Farewell Polka 07 Forgive And Forget 08 One More Lie 09 I'm Satisfied 10 Fist City 11 If It's The Last Thing I Do